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Fife Collections

The collections held by the University Museums and Libraries have within them many objects connected to the Fife Coast. Paintings, photographs, postcards, journals, objects, and specimens from across the collections have a link and give us greater depth and insight to how people use and view the Fife coastline.  

The interconnectivity of the coast, land and ocean will also be explored later this year in our Dive In! exhibition. 

Dive In Exhibition  

Coming to the Wardlaw Museum in Autumn 2021, Dive In! will be a call to action to protect our ocean. The exhibition will go beyond communicating the challenges that climate change and human activity pose to our oceans, connecting the solutions to actions that can be taken in day-to-day life, encouraging audiences to take individual action and promote positive behaviour change amongst their social networks, peers and communities.    The Fife Coast is an integral part of this effort and home to many of our visitors – they experience first-hand the influence of the ocean on their way of life and know how important it is to protect it.

Visit the Dive In! microsite for more information about the exhibition and for upcoming and previous connected events including the Ocean Odyssey event ran by Museums and the Music Centre. Also included on our microsite is  the database of objects in our collection connected to the Fife Coastal Zone area which can be found here.